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Advanced remote monitoring system for the security of unattended sites and, more generally, of buildings. Video surveillance. Access profiles remotely with RFID badge.

Video surveillance, access control, security and building automation

Alfiere is the Algorab system dedicated to remote surveillance and, more generally, to the security of unattended structures. Assolve tasks of access control, video surveillance, burglar alarm, burglar alarm and vandalism. It uses common anti-burglary devices (volumetric, reed, sirens, tampers, electric locks) and smoke sensors, flooding, temperature. Access by authorized parties is done with RFID badges, to which the system assigns / revokes access rights, all remotely and centrally. The administrator the system can conveniently define and assign rights according to categories of subjects and time slots.

Why Alfiere?

Because it is an innovative system that integrates access control, remote surveillance and building automation in an efficient and centralized way. All web-based, for maximum ease of implementation and maintenance.

What does Alfiere do?

  • centrally manages the access rights of the subjects, sending them to the authorization devices based on RFID badges (Algorab Calm) placed at the entrance of the supervised structures
  • telephones information and alarms from security equipment, cameras and sensors
  • allows to give remote controls (electric locks, lights on / off, siren silencing, alarm reset)
  • offers the configuration of remotes that can be automated according to the user profile of those who log in (for example, switching on lights only in certain areas, heating / air conditioning, etc.)
  • historical record of all accesses and events (ordinary activity and alarms)
  • centrally and remotely managed access privileges
  • use of RFID badges
  • dialogues with sensors commonly available on the market
  • surveillance
  • can be integrated into Auge G3, it is ideal for building automation


Algorab: twenty-five years of success in the Remote Control.
Over the years we have constantly considered the research, development and innovation in the remote control sector a guideline for our business, distinguishing ourselves and positioning ourselves at the top of the market. This has made us a recognized and reference partner for a growing number of prestigious clients, determining our success and increasing the enthusiasm that accompanies us in accepting new challenges.

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