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Smart City P5

Smart city platform that offers savings in public lighting and enabling new services to benefit citizens. The city becomes really smart!

A complete smart city solution to immediately develop a new urban intelligence

The smart city platform created by Algorab represents a powerful and innovative sensing infrastructure, that acquires capillary and in real time thousands and thousands of information from the urban territory, it elaborates and makes it available to those who are in charge of offering services to the inhabitants and of delineating the sustainable growth strategies of the city.

Rapidly achievable using the public lighting network

The smart city platform P5 creates a pervasive wireless network, based on street lamps, which covers the urban area. The P5 technology takes advantage of the street lamps, already capillary in the city, making each of them a network node. To do this, it is sufficient to install inside the street lamp the small control unit Algorab P5-SLC , promoting it to a network node and making it actively participate in data transmission . The wireless network of street lamps thus formed, integrated with adequate sensors, is ideal for constantly monitoring the environmental phenomena of the city and for perform tasks that a WiFi network is not able to perform . All without requiring changes to the city's electrical system and other burdensome infrastructural interventions!

A truly smart city: energy saving and enabling new services!

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The "P5 lamp post" mainly performs two functions: the first, more traditional, concerns public lighting and energy savings. Thanks to the P5 control units, each lamp receives instructions from the control center about when to turn on and how much dim the light intensity. In addition, the P5 lamp communicates at the center its operating parameters, including any faults. The second feature made available by the P5 lamp post is in enabling smart city services. The lamp, in fact, is able to dialogue and interact with thousands of radio controlled devices (sensors, actuators) , both fixed and mobile, with low costs and reduced energy consumption (most often powered by long-lasting batteries). This technological activity of city sensing, appropriately governed by smart city algorithms implemented on the P5 platform, represents a true revolution in the journey towards the realization of a truly smart, that harmonizes resources, avoids waste and can quickly identify the phenomena affecting the urban territory.

Examples of smart city applications enabled by the P5

  • remote reading of gas and water meters
  • remote management of public irrigation
  • capillary pollution monitoring
  • telemonitoring occupation parking even on the roadside
  • remote sensing of vehicles
  • telemisura temperature, humidity and other atmospheric parameters
  • remote sensing of vibrations and accelerations (buildings, scaffolding, infrastructures)
  • telemisura water levels
  • tracking of people with reduced autonomy (children, elderly, disabled, etc.)
  • tracing means of transport also with battery sensors (ideal, for example, for bicycles)
  • Openness and interoperability to host future applications

    P5 is a solution designed according to canon of openness and interoperability, because it is oriented towards the development of new applications and devices to be interconnected. It is therefore a platform that encourages more people to build and implement new technologies designed to expand the range of services available to citizens.


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