AUGE-G4 has obtained the TALQ Consortium certification, confirming our prominent position in the field of intelligent management of public lighting on an international level.

The TALQ certification is a tangible confirmation of Algorab‘s commitment to offering high-quality solutions and interconnectivity in the field of smart lighting. AUGE-G4, subjected to rigorous testing and verification requirements, has demonstrated full compatibility and interoperability with devices available on the market.

This significant step confirms the high technological standards proposed by Algorab. Our clients can rely on a reliable, scalable system that seamlessly integrates into the smart city ecosystem.

Acting in a global context in which technologies are constantly changing and evolving is the challenge that drives us to do better and more. It is thanks to adherence to protocols and standards that Algorab can compete at the highest levels of the international market.

For this reason, we are particularly proud to have completed the TALQ certification, providing our customers with the certainty of the total compatibility and integration of our systems. In fact, to develop the cities of the future and spread the IoT, it is necessary to encourage the construction of flexible structures capable of accommodating technologies from different sources: this is the guarantee we seek in TALQ.

Mirko Gremes, CEO

With the TALQ certification, Algorab provides public administrations and lighting infrastructure managers with a cutting-edge management solution, ensuring operational efficiency, energy cost reduction, and environmental sustainability.


The TALQ certification is a rigorous and standardized process that guarantees compatibility and interoperability of public lighting management systems. To obtain the certification, a product or system must be tested and evaluated based on the criteria defined by the TALQ Consortium.

talq certified logoThe TALQ certification process involves various stages, including conformity tests, interoperability tests, and functionality evaluations. During the conformity tests, technical and functional requirements established by the TALQ Consortium are verified. The interoperability tests, on the other hand, verify the system’s ability to communicate and integrate with other devices and infrastructures compliant with the TALQ protocol.

To join the TALQ Consortium and obtain certification, companies must undergo an evaluation process and demonstrate compliance with the established requirements for their products or systems. Once certification is obtained, the company can benefit from significant advantages, including the ability to offer interoperable and compatible solutions with other TALQ devices available on the market.

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