Case study | Smart Tunnel: La Mecca







With over one and a half million inhabitants, Mecca is the holy city of Muslims.

The primary objective of the project was the modernization of the lighting systems in the tunnels to ensure a quality service and safety to the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who go there during the year and for the traditional ḥajj.

The project was carried out in collaboration with a leading Italian company in the production of lighting fixtures.


Installation of remote controlled lighting systems in 18 tunnels (36 arches)

  • 15 tunnels for vehicular transit,
  • 3 tunnels intended for pedestrian traffic.


The P5-IS2 internal node with 2.4 GHz connection was used to control the lamps.

Approximately 10,000 internal nodes have been installed.

The gateway kit was made up of an RIO-ETH module, connected to the SW platform via 4G internet connection, and an RIO-CRD coordinator module, installed in a separate box, to communicate with the lighting points in the tunnel.

For each arch, a luminance probe has been installed. It controls the dimming of the reinforcement lights at the entrance to the gallery. Each probe was connected to an analog-to-digital converter which in turn is connected to the coordinator module via cable.

The dimming of the permanent lights located in the body of the tunnel and of those located at the exit was managed by the SW functionality of the astronomical clock installed on the RIO-ETH.

The installation phase was managed by a local company, while Algorab provided remote support both by providing specific training and by assisting local technicians in the installation, node census, system node configuration and sensor calibration phases to optimize dimming profiles.